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A Sanctuary for Healing
Laura Magpali

Are YOU Ready To

Feel GOOD Again??!


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images-2.jpg  Call or email me

Give me some days & times that work best for you
I'll confirm by phone, & email your confirmation
24 hours notice required for cancellation

Sessions range between 45-90 minutes  

Effective February 1, 2015
Bowenwork  $70.00
  Reiki/Energy Work:  $90.00
While I am happy to provide and fill in the form you'll need to send to your insurance company,
Payment is due at the time of service. 


Payment by CASH,Smile
          Charge,($4. fee)





Not sure which to choose?

images-2.jpg   Call or email me - tell me a bit about what you have going on, and I'll help you figure that out.

What to expect:

Sessions typically run 45 - 90 minutes. Please allow 90 minutes for your first session.

These sessions can be profoundly relaxing. A sense of inner peace and tranquility frequently follow for hours, or even days after the session.  Continued sessions can bring about physical healing, emotional and mental balance. Increasing quality of life become more and more part of the recipient's life experience. Come discover what healing can mean for you!  Click HERE for Testimonials

What to wear:

The looser and thinner the fabric the better (and not slippery or slick). All types of work that Laura offers can be done through loose, comfortable clothing. You are invited to dress or undress to your level of comfort. You will be properly covered under a sheet and light blanket at all times.

What to bring:

Applicable insurance information.

You can count on this:

A Sanctuary For Healing is dedicated to the elimination of unresolved pain or dysfunction, using methods known to address the physical and emotional effects of long-term or mounting stress, and/or trauma. We operate from the premise that healthcare be provided in a manner and environment that is nurturing, affordable, and above all, effects a lasting improvement so you feel good again.

The sooner you feel good again, the better I look. Smile
You can count on me to be totally committed to you healing as soon, and as completely as possible. 

Feel Good Again!