Also known as Bowen Therapy, or "Bowen" after Thomas Bowen, the developer of this prfound form of body work, consisting of gentle rolling maneuvers at specific points over muscle, nerves, and connective tissue. Bones do what muscles tell them to do. Muscles do what nerves tell them to do. Bowenwork communicates with the central nervous system, telling all the body's systems what to do, in order to come into balance. 

The Bowenwork technique is a completely unique, gentle, and non-invasive system of single, multiple, or opposing subtle, and precisely located movements. These 'moves' stimulate or sedate body systems and organs depending on the direction the move is done.

Bowenwork is not a form of massage, though it does release areas of built-up stress in the muscles. Clients describe experiences of profound relaxation after a session, often falling asleep after the first few moves.

Bowenwork is a remedial therapy; a therapy used for corrective treatment to directly influence, effect, and restore a specific condition or disorder within the body.

It has been the experience of many thousands of health care professionals around the world that Bowenwork is effective in addressing root causes, and not just the symptoms.

Rather than addressing one particular system, such as the muscular system, or the skeletal system, Bowenwork serves to reconnect the communication pathways between each, and all of the body's systems, thereby creating the environment wherein complete healing can take place.

Since 1998 the technique has become increasingly used in primary care settings in the UK, with many chartered physical therapists using the technique in hospitals, hospices and other funded health settings.