Are Bowenwork & Reiki Right For You?

  • Do you suffer from chronic pain?
  • Do you have an old injury or surgery that still bothers you?
  • Have you tried lots of therapies & none have given lasting results?
  • Are you drained or in pain by the end of your work day?
  • Maybe the doctors haven't been able to identify what's wrong?
  • Are you looking for a type of care that includes more than just your physical body?
  • Do your primary relationships have a lot of tension, criticism, anger, hurt, and/or disappointment?

Do You Relate To Any of These Questions...
Maybe a Lot of Them?

1-2 Yeses: You are a candidate; let's talk and see if what I offer is applicable to you.
3-5 Yeses: OK, let's face it, your days could be much better, relief is just a phone call away. Why wait a moment longer?
5-8 Yeses: Here's my phone number (541)-525-4033 (It'll be the best call you ever made), or fill in the information below. Let's get you feeling good again!