A Sanctuary for Healing: Relieve your pain through Bowenwork and Reiki Healing

Have you tried everything and nothing works? If you’re in pain I want you to know that it possible for you (yes YOU!) to feel good again. I know what it’s like to live in chronic pain and to feel like no one understands you or believes you and nobody can help you. Reiki and Bowenwork can bring relief and recovery that can literally transform your life.

I created A Sanctuary for Healing to get sufferers of chronic pain off the expensive, time-consuming merry-go-round of therapy and doctor visits. I’m Laura Magpali, certified master practitioner of the revolutionary Bowen work healing technique and Reiki Master Teacher. I have the privilege of offering effective, rejuvenating therapy to the body, mind, and spirit. My clients get long lasting pain relief when they work with me.

Bowenwork Session

Depending on the condition, Bowenwork is typically received in 3 to 10 sessions, ideally one week apart. Many conditions respond completely in that time. Complex or chronic conditions may require more involved care, and/or may require occasional “tune-ups”.

Laura uses Bowenwork for the individual whose concern is primarily of a physical nature. In some sessions she might also include Reiki, depending on that particular situation. Your session begins with an assessment and finding out what the primary goal(s) are for your session, adapting each session to meet whatever your current needs are.

Bowenwork is Laura’s first go-to for physical issues. Whether you have recent or longtime injuries or health conditions, Bowen is truly marvelous in how effective it is. Bowenwork improves the coherency of and between each organ and system of the body, making the whole body function better. A regular Bowen recipient cannot help but get healthier! Bowen reminds the body of its original template and resets the body to heal itself.

Reiki Session

Do you want to feel lighter, encouraged, and ready and able to go back to life? Sessions with Laura create a therapeutic shift within that allows one to see options not recognized before, supporting better choices, ultimately making a happier life. We call it “opening windows of opportunity”.

Laura uses Reiki primarily to address the non-physical aspects of a client’s life. Many people receive Reiki sessions for the emotional conflicts, turmoil, traumas and tragedies they are dealing with, finding greater inner strength, clarity, relief, inner spaciousness and peace. Sessions are typically very relaxing.

Laura’s Reiki sessions are geared for the individual whose concern(s) have more of an emotional and/or personal growth, and inner healing component, even though the client may also have significant physical issues. Laura’s Reiki sessions typically include a few very specific Bowen “moves” designed to further enhance the overall results of your Reiki experience.

Still not sure? Reiki and Bowen work seamlessly together for a fully integrated healing experience. Schedule a session with both!

I’ve suffered horribly from fibromyalgia – over 17 years! Touching me even lightly caused great pain. After the 1st bowen treatment I was pain free for 3 days! 2nd treatment 5 days and my family and friends noticed a wonderfully big difference in me. After the third treatment my husband was able to hug me for the first time in many years – without it hurting. You don’t realize how much pain fibromyalgia causes as you become consumed with the pain. I took a chance and tried Bowen Therapy and my life has been changed dramatically. My life is great, I can go out and enjoy time with my girlfriends and family. I am smiling, happy and am myself again. I have been able to return to my business part time which is great.

I missed out on a lot of things especially the hugs from and to my grandchildren, with Bowen I can now enjoy my grandchildren and their activities. i can sleep through the night again without pain after years of lack of sleep. I can take walks again where I couldn’t before, I can do normal daily routines again. I’m pain free and enjoying life to the fullest.

– Deb Hunter

Reiki & Bowen Heal Many Conditions, including:


Heart Conditions

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Hip Mobility Restrictions

Chronic Illness

Lower Back Pain

Emotional Healing



Postural and Gait Problems

Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Pain

TMJ syndrome

Headaches / Migraines

Tennis Elbow

My counselor referred me to Laura for anxiety. I was also struggling with my self-image, insomnia, and depression. I left the very first session totally surprised at how deeply relaxed I became. I’d never felt like that before. Over the next several weeks I found I was sleeping much better, the depression bouts were not as severe, and my anxiety levels were down. My husband even noticed the improvement in my outlook. Life looks a whole lot better these days.

– Jen M.

Meet Laura Magpali: LMT, Certified Bowen Instructor, and Reiki Master Teacher

laura magpali lmt, owner of a sanctuary for healingLaura previously worked as a mortgage broker and was married happily for twenty years. However, she also suffered long-term pain and health issues for several years, with only one to two days per month where she wasn’t feeling sick. She was consistently on prescription medication and visited doctors and chiropractors two to three times per week with no lasting improvements. After her husband’s death, Laura realized at age 40 that she needed to reevaluate her career path and lifestyle, starting with her physical and mental health.

Laura’s first encounter with energy healing came after she experienced an unbearably painful herniated disk in her back. Unwilling to continue her unsuccessful routine, she got in contact with a psychic and energy healer she had met through figuring out finances in the aftermath of her husband’s death. She was astonished when she came out of one Reiki session feeling 85% better.

Following that experience, Magpali felt an emotional connection with herself that she hadn’t before. She realized that she wanted to learn this practice and in turn pass the healing ability on to others as well. This eventually led her to train in several fields of alternative therapies and holistic practices including Bowenwork, Reiki therapy, therapeutic massage, and more.

"I have broken my nose several times, so I know from experience how long it takes for things to get back to normal. The headache usually lasts about 2 weeks, the swelling for a month or two, and the facial tenderness can last even longer.

The headache was gone when I left your office Friday. By the next day all the pain in my face was gone, except if I touched it, or forgot and rubbed my nose. Astonishing!"

Petrina U.

"A car accident injured my low back. Being a competitive masters runner, I was thrilled to be able to continue to train shortly after the injury. In fact, I found my body was recovering more quickly from my normal workouts. I started racing again; to my amazement, I set 8 personal records in a row in distances ranging from 1 mile to the marathons. There is no question in my mind that Bowenwork gave my body the boost it needed to perform at this level, and turned a potentially negative situation into a huge positive for me!"

K. Vendley

"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and tried lots of things. Everything in my life had to be managed around my fibro pain. My therapist suggested I might benefit from some sessions, and referred me to Laura Magpali. For me the relaxation is so deep. I rest in a way I never do at home. What I can tell you is my fibro symptoms are so much less intense, and so much less frequent that I often forget I have it.  Oh, and I come in monthly now."

A. Sandal