A Child’s View of Reiki

I just love this story! ~ Laura


by Lee McGroty

As adults, we are always looking for the perfect words to describe or explain something. Usually, we get quite long winded just trying to get to the point. Children, on the other hand, have a simple explanation of life, if we would just learn to listen to them.

For example, explaining “Reiki” to some new inquiring person: I will go into “spiritually guided life force energy”, “electromagnetic energy fields”, “chakras and auras”, “meridian lines”, and even explanations on “negative psychic energy blocks”. Sometimes that’s just enough to get that bug-eyed, over-informed look on someone’s face.

My daughter, Allisia, has taught me just how easy it is to explain “Reiki”. One evening after a class, Allisia, then six years old, had not been feeling well. Her sister, Allison, and I decided to give her a Reiki session. After about 10 minutes of Reiki, I asked her if she felt the energy. Without a second of hesitation, a big smile came over her face and she said, “Oh yes Mommy! I feel the Goodness!”

Lee McGroty is a Center Licensed Teacher and makes her home in Austin, TX.

Gentlest, Most Effective Pain Therapy Ever!

By Dr. Robert Jay Rowen

If you’re suffering from pain in your neck, shoulders, lower back, pelvis or extremities, you can be pain free and experience a full range of motion instantly! And you can enjoy this new found relief without drugs, surgery, supplements or painful needles!

Sound impossible? It’s not!

In fact, not only is it possible, it’s easy and gentle. What you are about to read is probably the most sensational story about pain relief you will ever read!
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Straight Talk for Men

This is best said by a man. Thank you Greg Kennedy!

Where are the tough guys? That independent lot who believe that if they tough it out their body will take care of itself. Those blokes who would rather tinker for two hours with the drain than call the plumber. These are the exact guys who should appreciate Bowenwork® because it starts a process that puts them in the driver’s seat. Your body is the authority on what it needs and has an amazing untapped ability to repair itself. Bowenwork tells it the emergency is over, rolls out its original blueprint, gives you a kick in the pants and says “do what you need to do to make it right.”

The real work takes place during the next 5-10 days after a session, when every system of your body joins in to make repairs. You are doing the work, not somebody else pushing or pulling or pouring drugs into your system because they think it’s what you need. Your body has the biggest pharmaceutical warehouse in the world in-house. It can and will make structural changes, soften and loosen scar tissue, reduce pain and unwind the compensations it set in place when it was adapting to injuries. Your body can work on an injury compensation pattern or it can work on a healing pattern. It’s time to stop acting like it was hurt and start acting like it’s healing.

Bowenwork for Kids

Research on children’s health has shown that children are just as susceptible to the same effects of stress as adults.  Bowenwork helps children release stress, realign structural imbalances, stimulates the immune system and helps to detoxify  the body. The goal of Bowenwork for kids is to help children perform better academically, excel in sports, get along with others socially, and are happier and more productive.


When working with kids, the Bowenwork procedures are done very similarly to those of adults. However, with younger children there is frequently no rest between moves, so a treatment may take just 15 minutes or less. This allows us to be able to work on even the most rambunctious of toddlers. Infants respond remarkably to Bowenwork as well. The gentleness of the touch is great for work on their neck, jaw, spine and pelvis. These are the major joints of their bodies that can get out of balance during birth. For the baby with colic and upset stomach, Bowenwork can work wonders at calming their digestive systems and giving their little bodies some peace.

Autonomic Nervous System

Painful Joints

The Automatic Nervous System consists of two parts, the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Systems. The Sympathetic System is known as the “Fight of Flight” System. The Parasympathetic System is known as the “Eat, Sleep, and Heal” System

An important thing to note is that the Digestive System cannot work effectively while you are in Sympathetic-On. We often get stuck in Sympathetic-On.  While in this mode, the digestive system doesn’t function well, sleep is difficult, and healing cannot occur.

Bowen Therapy and NST (Neurostructural Intigration Technique) put your body into the Parasympathetic so your body can heal itself and you can get well.

Bowen & NST helps restore you to balance and health.

Emotional healing


In the 2 1/2 years we have worked together, the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes I have gone through are absolutely amazing. You have helped me to evolve into someone that actually looks forward to getting up every morning to continue my journey on to a happy, fulfilling, and fun filled life. I can’t thank you enough.
~ P.

*          *          *          *           *

I feel better in every way possible, and a sense that old memories/emotions are being lifted off and gotten rid of. I have felt emotional off and on today (and last night) for brief periods, in the sense of these old, old things coming to mind uninvited, and the emotions surrounding them. Not re-experiencing, but more like bubbling up and then out — like occasional big deep belches.
~ I.H.

*          *          *          *           **
I have broken my nose several times, so I know from experience how long it takes for things to get back to normal. The headache usually lasts about 2 weeks, the swelling for a month or two, and the facial tenderness can last even longer.
The headache was gone when I left your office Friday. By the next day all the pain in my face was gone, except if I touched it, or forgot and rubbed my nose. Astonishing!
~ Petrina U.

*          *          *          *           *
My counselor referred me to Laura for anxiety. I was also struggling with my self-image, insomnia, and depression.
I left the very first session totally surprised at how deeply relaxed I became. I’d never felt like that before. Over the next several weeks I found I was sleeping much better, the depression bouts were not as severe, and my anxiety levels were down. My husband even noticed the improvement in my outlook. Life looks a whole lot better these days.
~ Jen M.

*          *          *          *           *

I came to Laura with nothing specific.  She seemed to know just what I needed, though.  I felt completely relaxed on her table.  Obstacles in my life/patterns fell away, and before I knew it, my Mr. Right had arrived!  On top of all that, just being around Laura makes you feel better.  She is truly a blessing to our world!
~ L. Hamilton

Bowenwork and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia signs

We all have at least one client who we consider an amazing recovery. Just a couple of sessions or even just one, and we are nearly as astonished as they are. The amazing results of Bowen cannot be repeated enough. Then there are the slower to completely recover, or the purely chronic cases which do not entirely fit into the mold. I am talking about Fibromyalgia and what it is….

Fibromyalgia is simply connective tissue pain. Severe pain in some, mild in others- in the early stages. Again to be clear Fibromyalgia is only issues in the CONNECTIVE TISSUES of the body. More accurately, there are 16 specific areas in which most diagnoses is made, and generally six points (zones) are usually enough for an M.D. to make a diagnosis of fibro. There are several sensitivities that are common in most cases and usually are warnings to the fibro sufferer that a “flare” or “spell” is imminent. These are common in most clients and vary from case to case, from noticeable to very strong, with light sensitivity being the first and most evident. This seems due to the amount of fluorescent lighting exposure, which causes headaches and often migraines. The second is usually a heightened sense of smell – to the point of hyper-sensitive reactions to even the mildest odors. Following is sound sensitivity which seems to be less frequent.

Bowenwork and newborns

Registered nurse, Sandra Gustafson, on the benefits of Bowenwork during and after pregnancy.


 In the early stages of extra uterine life of the baby, Bowenwork can be lifesaving in helping the infant to expectorate any fluid or mucous it may have inhaled. I shall quote a couple of experiences from Rick Minnery:
“The anecdotes with newborns are simply endless – I got the reputation on the postnatal ward of being the midwife who settled the babies with a special “cuddle” (Bowen Practitioners know what I mean). The colic procedure had given me god-like status among some new mums!”

“Two special instances come to mind. First was a 10 minute old baby whom I’d delivered, suddenly became cyanosed (blue skinned) – I was sure it had aspirated some mucous. The colic moves were performed and a few short seconds later the baby produced a huge blob of mucous and straight away, pinked up again – I was astounded but couldn’t really relate what had happened either to colleagues or the parents. It was a special private moment for the Bowenwork and me, as was the second occasion with a newborn.

I was performing a routine examination of a newborn at 5-10 minutes after birth. The baby was crying lustily and appeared somehow “angry”. It had been a long difficult labor and the baby had not been in the ideal position to deliver easily (occipito-posterior). On observing the baby’s jawline – it was very apparent that the jaw was out of position which I’m sure was contributing to the baby’s look of anger. Without any great expectation of a speedy response, I performed the TMJ (temporo-mandibular-joint) moves, and before my eyes, over the space of 1-2 minutes the baby’s jaw re-aligned itself, much to my astonishment and the baby’s – who looked up at me with a look as if to say “what the heck did you to do to me?”

Post Partum and Bowenwork

Part 4 in a series of articles by registered nurse, Sandra Gustafson…
mother`s love

In post partum, the work can be applied to promote healing after caesarean or for perineal wounds, and pain relief. I try and work with a mother as soon as possible after delivery, to help reset the pelvis to its natural state and promote walking and moving around.There are specific moves that can be used to promote lactation and involution of the uterus, too.
Another story from England: “I’ve lost count of the number of times that lactation problems have responded to the breast procedure. It works well to sort out either under or over production. I cite the example of my colleague Jean Ogden (midwife
and Bowen Therapist) who attended a friend and client who was a mother of a 7 month old and wished to continue breastfeeding, but feared she would have to give up due to insufficient lactation. One breast procedure and in Jean’s words – “next day she could’ve opened up a dairy!”


I have had many baby Bowenwork experiences, particularly to do with feeding difficulties, reflux and colic, successfully addressed by doing tiny little moves on the baby. I have even used them on infants who were incubated and ventilated in intensive care, to help them cope with the stressful situation, and facilitate weaning off the ventilator.
The possibilities of using this amazing technique are endless and very exciting. It is the most wonderful tool I have as a practitioner. It is completely safe, is not known to have any undesired side effects, and can be used in nearly every health condition to improve the quality of people’s lives.

And best of all, once you have it in your hands you will be able to apply it in all sorts of places and situations from birth to expiration! Learn.Bowenwork.com

Oh Baby!

In her article about the effects of Bowenwork during pregnancy, registered nurse, Sandra Gustafson, discusses the benefits of Bowenwork during pregnancy. (For info about the effects on the pregnant woman click here). Below are her findings as they relate to the unborn baby…

As far as the developing babies go, I have had reports that the babies’ activities settled down into a more resonant rhythm with the Mum’s and appeared to relax as the sessions were in progress. One of the most important effects that have been achieved with the work is in optimising fetal positioning prior to birth. I used to work with an independant midwife who did mainly home births, and she would send her clients to me before 36 weeks, especially if the fetal lie was transverse or there was a breech presentation.
Rick Minnery, one of the Lancaster midwives in England with whom I have collaborated, sent this anecdote to me on the subject:
“A colleague (midwife) asked me if Bowen might help to turn her baby round (she was carrying her baby breech at 35+ weeks) and was anxious to avoid possible Cesarean birth or run the risk of a vaginal breech delivery. I gave her one treatment session with the pelvic procedure, and she phoned two days later to say the baby had flipped over, into a cephalic (head) normal presentation. She was delighted – I was gobsmacked!”

Occasionally the midwives at the local hospital where I worked in Australia would call me and ask me to come in when a woman presented in labor with a posterior presentation. By helping to relax her pelvis it would facilitate the baby rotating to the
anterior position, thus preventing the awkwardness of a back labor.

Alternative Healing Practices In The Eugene Community

Laura Magpali: The Road to Becoming a Healer

By: Ellie Keeton

Laura Magpali sits in the waiting room of her practice, “A Sanctuary For Healing,” Beaming as she describes her role as a healer. Magpali has an inner peace about her that radiates through as she discusses her path towards becoming a Reiki and Bowenwork practitioner.

Magpali previously worked as a mortgage broker and was married happily for twenty years. However, she also suffered long-term pain and health issues for several years, with only one to two days per month where she wasn’t feeling sick. She was consistently on prescription medication and visited doctors and chiropractors two to three times per week with no lasting improvements. After her husband’s death, Magpali realized at age 40 that she needed to reevaluate her career path and lifestyle, starting with her physical and mental health.

Magpali’s first encounter with energy healing came after she experienced an unbearably painful herniated disk in her back. Unwilling to continue her unsuccessful routine, she got in contact with a psychic and energy healer she had met through figuring out finances in the aftermath of her husband’s death. She was astonished when she came out of one Reiki session feeling 85% better. Following that experience, Magpali felt an emotional connection with herself that she hadn’t before. She realized that she wanted to learn this practice and in turn pass the healing ability on to others as well. This eventually led her to train in several fields of alternative therapies and holistic practices including Bowenwork, Reiki therapy, therapeutic massage, and more.

When asked how her career in Reiki and Bowenwork has affected her personally, Magpali lights up saying, “It impacted me emotionally a great deal. I was able to develop tools and a relationship with myself that I didn’t have access to before. It has influenced me in how I interact with life and what I like to call the ‘unseen’.” She finds joy and pride in the fact that she has found an ability to reach people emotionally and physically through her healing practice.

Magpali’s spirit is contagious as she describes the most important goal of her practice: helping patients achieve lasting results and optimum care. The way her eyes glow when she speaks about her patient’s progress demonstrates not only the personal growth and healing that comes from her profession, but also her genuine passion for her job.

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Bowenwork and pregnancy

Bowenwork offers unique and exciting possibilities in optimizing the outcome of both mother and baby in the pre-conception, prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum situations.

Sandra Gustafson RN & midwife highlights how and why this technique is so successful:

In the first trimester, Bowenwork has been useful in managing nausea of morning sickness, fatigue and emotional fluctuations and helping the body adapt to its new state of pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, it has been very helpful in relieving lower back pain, sciatica, hiccoughs, respiratory problems, even asthma and gastric discomfort such as heartburn and reflux, often eliminating the need for medications that may adversely affect the fetus.
“I have also used it in helping to arrest preterm labor by effecting relaxation of the pelvis, and often causing the fetus to shift away from the pelvic inlet and reduce the pressure on the cervix”, stated Gustafson.

She further states, “In the third trimester, I found it became even more valuable to the mother as the pelvic discomfort increased. A pregnant woman can be worked on as often as she needs relief, and can be lying down on her side or seated. Tom Bowen never charged pregnant ladies with sciatica, he had an open door policy where they could just come in as needed, four small moves around the sacrum, within 5 minutes and their pain was relieved.  I have had great success in relieving the discomforts of increased pelvic pressure resulting in varicose veins, haemorrhoids, cramping or aching in the feet, legs or groin, constipation and bladder irritations.

Death & Divorce

My husband died last year. I was referred to Laura by my therapist. I was pretty doubtful that she could do anything for me. I was deeply depressed, and had several other problems including neck and low back problems, a knee issue and shoulder pain.
As you might imagine, I am really, really glad to have all the body pain gone. More importantly, Laura’s healing ways soothed and healed my broken, terrified heart. I can’t recommend her enough!
~ S. Booth

I was going through a divorce. At my therapist’s urging, I went to find out what “energy work” was and what it could do for me. Turned out it wasn’t as weird as I’d imagined. It was super relaxing, like so relaxing you sorta don’t know where you are, in a blissful sort of way. I was made to feel at ease right away; Laura has been so supportive and understanding, offering insights here and there that really helped.
But it wasn’t just “relaxing”. Over the weeks, I was sleeping better, that noticed I gradually felt better and better inside.
The depression has lifted, I can think more clearly, and I feel way better about myself. I can’t thank you enough!
~ Jenny McQ

Reiki in the Clinical Setting


Reiki is increasingly finding its way into institutional settings, from hospitals to hospices, and the push appears to be coming from patients as well as clinical practitioners.

“More and more, patients are requesting care beyond what most consider to be traditional health services, and hospitals are responding to the needs of the communities they serve by offering these therapies,” according to researcher Sita Ananth of Health Forum, an affiliate of the American Hospital Association (AHA). “And hospitals are responding to the needs of the communities they serve by offering these therapies.”


Reiki is now one of the top three complementary in-patient therapies in U.S. hospitals, according to an AHA survey. Massage therapy takes first place, with 37% of hospital patients requesting it. Number two is music and art therapy at 25%, and a very close third is “healing touch therapies” at 25%, which included Reiki and Therapeutic Touch.

Hospitals are responding, discovering for themselves the many benefits Reiki can offer. “As our health care system challenges institutions to offer high-quality but cost-effective service, Reiki is being recognized as an important tool to maximize patient care and minimize recovery time,” according to Libby Barnett and Maggie Babb, co-authors of Reiki Energy Medicine: Bringing Healing Touch into Home, Hospital and Hospice.

Reiki: Patients love it.

For example, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York not only offers Reiki therapy to patients but also teaches Reiki once a month, inviting the patients’ caregivers, the patients themselves, and the general public to learn it. “Patients love it,” says Simone Zappa, RN, an administrator in the Integrative Medicine Department at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. “And they love it because it works.”

According to an International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) study of “America’s Best Hospitals” (the top 25 ranked by U.S. News and World Report in 2002), 60% of them had formal or informal Reiki programs in place. All hospitals using Reiki said that they believed Reiki to be at least somewhat beneficial for patients, and 67% said they believed Reiki to be highly beneficial.

Dr. Oz used Reiki in his practice for over 10 years

The highest profile advocate of complementary therapies, especially Reiki, continues to be Mehmet Oz, M.D., Professor and Vice Chairman of Surgery at Columbia University in New York City, Director of the Cardiovascular Institute, and Founder and Director for the Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Oz has used Reiki and Therapeutic Touch therapists in his cardiovascular surgeries for more than 10 years. And because he frequently talks about energy medicine on his television show, the general public as well as healthcare professionals are hearing about the implications of these therapies from a credible Western medical source.

“We’re beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine,” according to Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz has conducted research on the effects of Reiki on his surgical patients with Julie Motz, RN, a Reiki-trained therapist, who assisted Dr. Oz during 11 open heart surgeries and heart transplants. These 11 patients had no post-operative depression, pain or leg weakness; no organ rejection (in transplants); a better functioning immune system, and a positive attitude toward healing.

Reiki and a traumatic experience

Reiki can be applied to most situations involving bereavement.

This may also include such traumatic experiences as sudden death, abortion, mis-carriage, suicide,homicide, ‘natural’ death, infant death, war trauma, rape, burglary.

Such traumatic experiences involve social, ethical and spiritual implications, regarding the physiological and psychological effects on the body such as loss,stress, fear, disbelief, isolation, anger, bargaining, pain, grief, sorrow,depression and despair.

Reiki’s gentle and deeply relaxing hands-on technique  promotes the release of accumulated stress or tension and the possibility of reducing fever and increasing the flow of body fluids and energy.

“I called Laura in complete desperation. My husband had just walked out on me for another woman and I didn’t see it coming.  After 17 years! So I found myself, at 53 with a child, starting over….panic set in. Laura saw me immediately and performed her magic. I was able to relax, focus, breath and ground myself. It took several sessions before I felt able to go periods of time without treatment…but Reiki saved me. Laura’s compassion and intuitive understanding is a God send and I highly recommend her for this type of treatment”



Can Bowen help with Infertility?

Can complementary therapies really help couples desperate to have
children? Apparently so, discovers Sally Brown of The Guardian (UK)

It has been found that Bowenwork has a surprisingly high rate of success in treating infertility….

“For infertility, we use a particular system of moves
that addresses the endocrine [hormonal] system and the pelvic area,” says Dr
Jaimini Raniga at the Hale Clinic, London. “Mental and emotional stress can
cause muscles to tighten and restrict the natural blood-flow, lymphatic
drainage and nerve supply of the body, which can all affect fertility.” Women
see Raniga for a session on the first day of their menstrual cycle and are then
told to abstain from intercourse until after a second session, on day 14. “Most of
my patients conceive after two sessions,” she adds.

Adventurer Bear Grylls’ is Hooked on Bowen!

To the outside world, the adventurer Bear Grylls epitomises supreme fitness. The man who catapults himself into alien, life-threatening environments, surviving on his wits alone, practically bursts with good health – or so it seems to the viewer watching him on television from the comfort of the sofa.

However, in 1995 at age 21, Bear he broke his back when training with the SAS after his parachute failed to inflate at 16,000 feet.

“I should have cut the main parachute and gone to the reserve but thought there was time to resolve the problem.” He landed on his parachute pack, which was like an iron bar, and fractured three vertebrae.

It was extraordinary that he was alive, let alone not paralysed – but incredibly the spinal cord, which channels messages between the brain and all parts of the body, had not been severed.

Bear was treated at Headley Court, the defence forces’ rehabilitation centre in Surrey.

“The doctor said I was a miracle man. I had come so close to severing my spinal cord. Because of my age and my fitness, they decided I could avoid surgery.”

Deep massage helped, but he says he always felt physically ‘unbalanced’ by his injury.

Then his wife suggested he see a Bowen therapist. The Bowen technique, developed in the 1950s, involves using rolling movements over muscles, ligaments and tendons.

This is said to send impulses to the brain to trigger the body’s own healing system.

Precisely how it works is a mystery, but many professional football clubs maintain a Bowen therapist as it has been shown to be very effective in realigning the skeletal structure.

“I was sceptical, but wanted to keep an open mind,” says Bear.

He went to see East Sussexbased Bowen therapist Sarah Yearsley.

“With the slightest squiggle of her fingers, it felt like petrol was being put back in my tank and I could feel all the stress seeping away. More importantly, after my back accident, my spine and pelvis had lost alignment, so I felt unbalanced.”

Sarah explained that Bear’s pelvis was slightly twisted – and that this would cause endless problems and backache.

Most fans of Bear’s Born Survivor series will not have noticed anything wrong, yet a subtle misalignment – visible only to the expert eye – can impact on total health For Bear, who is often jumping out of planes, having complete structural alignment is even more important than for the average person.

Bear describes himself as now ‘hooked’ and has treatment every month.

(reprinted in part from The Daily News, written by MOIRA PETTY)

Reiki in Hospice

Typically we think of Reiki as a healer and balancer but when we are dying how does that play out?  What is healed and what is balanced when the body is succumbing to disease or the effects of old age?  Do we balance energy centers? Do we only focus on areas of pain?

Beginning at the soles of the feet and working up to the crown (paying attention to where the patient has pain and where you are guided to use Reiki) I spend at least 10 minutes at the crown as that helps to release the rootedness to this earth.  It assists in the letting go process that occurs throughout the journey towards releasing into the next life.

Energetic balancing can be beneficial when someone is in the early stages of hospice.  We want them to slowly pull up the roots but in the meantime we want to maintain energy balance and minimizing of pain so that the quality of the death journey is one of peace.

Reiki is especially beneficial for pain and nausea.  This occurs in part because the patient becomes more relaxed which helps medication to work more effectively.

In dying there is an incremental releasing of ego, will, emotions, memories, body, mind and spirit.  For some stuck in anger and denial this can increase pain and the need for intense medications.  One such patient was predicted to die in about 4 days but because she was in denial about her death and had resentment and anger and frustration toward her mother (as stated by her husband) it took two weeks…in fact it was not until the mother came and spoke to her unconscious daughter that she was able to let go.

Deciding to use the system of Reiki in hospice is a very personal one and each practitioner needs to consider why they are doing it and if they can observe and be compassionate without becoming emotionally entangled.  Doing your own regular Reiki practice will help keep the Reiki practitioner balanced.  It is an honor to help someone to die.  It is a privilege to have the gift of Reiki to help them do so.

Reiki and Pregnancy


Bea spI often receive questions concerning Reiki and pregnancy and one of the main questions is if it is safe to treat a pregnant woman.

There are many myths and misconceptions about Reiki and the idea that Reiki should not be given to pregnant women is one of them. So, the answer is YES, Reiki is safe for pregnant women!  In fact, Reiki works well in helping with all stages of pregnancy including conception and child birth. Reiki provides emotional as well as physical support and works not only on the mother, but also on the child.

Remember, Reiki cannot cause harm and always works to reduce stress and improve health regardless of the condition.


Bowen as Sports Medicine – Safely Resolving Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS)


Nowhere is the magic of Bowen more evident than in time-critical sporting applications.
Eyes wide, an alarmed player dashes out of the game both hands clutching his sternum, or
grimacing in pain gingerly carrying a wrist aloft, or limping and contorted, favoring an injury
that is not immediately evident, or staring vacantly staggering and unsteady. He or she may only
say, “can’t breathe” or “something popped” or “my fingers went numb” or “I saw stars.” You
have only seconds to apply a move or two, or if you’re lucky, a full minute to work some magic
before the player sucks it up and has to go back in the game.
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Reprinted by permission of Craig Mattimoe