laura magpali performing a bowen therapy session

How Bowenwork helps with PTSD symptoms

You can recover from PTSD with Bowenwork!

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a condition that people sometimes develop after experiencing one or more series of traumatic events.

A traumatic event could be a rape, a car crash, a near death experience, violence, extensive medical procedures... Trauma is subjective. Anything that a person's psyche can't cope with counts as trauma.

The effects of PTSD cause problems with sleep, mood, behavior, and thinking patterns. And if left untreated those symptoms can linger for years after experiencing trauma.

How Bowen Therapy Helps with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

When someone is confronted with an intensely traumatic event, the body reacts in a way that stimulates the central nervous system, and, in particular, the sympathetic nervous system – or the “fight or flight” response. PTSD symptoms occur as the result of an overly-stimulated sympathetic nervous system.

AKA, if you suffer from any of these things:

  • Horrible nightmares that steal away a restful sleep make it impossible to get any rest and leave you feel tired and drained all day
  • Insomnia to avoid those nightmares that only leads to even more exhaustion
  • Intrusive thoughts and huge spikes in anxiety
  • Flashbacks that put you right back into your trauma leaving you afraid, sad, and angry
  • A complete lack of interest or pleasure in doing things you once loved
  • Feeling guilty that you aren't connecting with your friends and loved ones anymore
  • Feeling lonely and isolated and empty no matter how many people you're around
  • Isolating yourself even though you crave connection
  • Self-destructive behavior that you know is hurting you but you can't seem to stop
  • Feeling alert and active and ready to react at any moment even though there's nothing wrong

Then take care of yourself. Get a bowen therapy session to restore peace and bring holistic relief to the body..

Bowen Therapy is done in a way that helps to bring about the body moving from the sympathetic nervous system response to a parasympathetic “rest, digest, and heal” response. When people who suffer from PTSD receive Bowenwork their results are frequently decreased muscle pain, ability to sleep, and fewer headaches and migraines.

Make a Bowen appointment today with Laura Magpali, nationally certified Bowenwork practitioner and retired Bowenwork instructor, at A Sanctuary for Healing where you can enjoy a Bowenwork session that will restore order and harmony to your body!