Numerous efforts have been put in place to keep everyone safe!

To begin with, you and I will wear masks throughout our time together.

Prior to your arrival all the surfaces are disinfected – door knobs, door jams, countertops, tables, chairs, etc. Prior to each appointment I will check in with you, usually by email to confirm you can answer the standard questions regarding Covid exposure and symptoms.

Upon arrival I provide a squirt of hand sanitizer for each of us.

The face cradle is specially wrapped for additional safety, according to new guidelines. As your practitioner I avoid standing closer to the head than alongside the elbow of the recipient the vast majority of the time, to lessen proximity to each other’s exhalations. My hands are sanitized before, during, and after tending to your care.

A ductless air system along with a separate fan going provide only fresh air being brought into the room, rather than sitting in circulated air. There is at least 30 minutes between client appointments, during which an ozonator is run in the session room, as there are significant studies demonstrating the efficacy of O’zone against viruses, including specifically COVID-19. The house itself also has an industrial sized ozonator. The windows are cracked open a bit for additional fresh flow of air, according to current guidelines, and the door to the session room remains open, as is the door across the hall, for maximum air circulation.