The first level is all about being able to channel the Reiki energy, and gaining some understanding around it. The emphasis is on the physical. An introduction in the science of energy and Reiki, as well as the history of Reiki is presented. The student receives energetic attunements that enable them to channel the Reiki energy.

Students learn the first of 5 Reiki symbols, and how to apply it for a wide variety of practical uses. Introductory information on the chakras, their place in the Reiki session, and how to treat them is practiced. Specific protocols and hand positions are taught which allow the practitioner to give effective Reiki treatments in a variety of situations, to others, for self-treatment, as well as for animals, plants, etc. Scanning is introduced.

Each student gives and receives a full Reiki session, and learns specific self-care aids, meditations, and ways to apply Reiki to your every day life. Everyone leaves grinning, connected to something much more than they ever imagined!

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