Reiki can be applied to most situations involving bereavement.

This may also include such traumatic experiences as sudden death, abortion, mis-carriage, suicide,homicide, ‘natural’ death, infant death, war trauma, rape, burglary.

Such traumatic experiences involve social, ethical and spiritual implications, regarding the physiological and psychological effects on the body such as loss,stress, fear, disbelief, isolation, anger, bargaining, pain, grief, sorrow,depression and despair.

Reiki’s gentle and deeply relaxing hands-on technique  promotes the release of accumulated stress or tension and the possibility of reducing fever and increasing the flow of body fluids and energy.

“I called Laura in complete desperation. My husband had just walked out on me for another woman and I didn’t see it coming.  After 17 years! So I found myself, at 53 with a child, starting over….panic set in. Laura saw me immediately and performed her magic. I was able to relax, focus, breath and ground myself. It took several sessions before I felt able to go periods of time without treatment…but Reiki saved me. Laura’s compassion and intuitive understanding is a God send and I highly recommend her for this type of treatment”



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