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What to expect for your Remote Healing session:

Can’t Come In?? Reserve a Remote Healing Session.

During times when you cannot come for an in-person session you have the option of having Laura “send” you a remote healing session. Remote, or “distance” healing is taught in Reiki training, and comes in as a very handy tool in these times of social distancing.

Here's how it looks: Give her an idea of what your concerns are when you set your appointment time. She'll call you and you'll talk, either via video-chat or voice to voice, whatever is available.

"I include Bowenwork and Reiki in each session, according to your needs and concerns. Sessions are generally 45- 60 minutes total, depending on how long we talk. I will call you, we'll talk in more detail, and then hang up. You'll (hopefully be able to) lay down in a quiet, uninterrupted space. I will work remotely, usually for about 30 minutes and then I'll call you and we'll review your session together."

Please note: the system will only allow you to make an appointment if the time needed for your session is available.

You can count on this:

A Sanctuary For Healing is dedicated to the elimination of unresolved pain or dysfunction, using methods known to address the physical and emotional effects of long-term or mounting stress, and/or trauma. We operate from the premise that healthcare be provided in a manner and environment that is nurturing, affordable, and above all, effects a lasting improvement so you feel good again.

The sooner you feel good again, the better I look. You can count on me to be totally committed to you healing as soon, and as completely as possible.

I used to have migraines several times a week, sometimes so intensely that I'd have to miss work. From the very 1st session I began having them less often, and not as severe. Whenever I would go in having head pain, she always took the pain away.

Justin K.

I came to Laura with nothing specific. She seemed to know just what I needed, though. I felt completely relaxed on her table. Obstacles in my life/patterns fell away, and before I knew it, my Mr. Right had arrived! On top of all that, just being around Laura makes you feel better. She is truly a blessing to our world!

L. Hamilton

In the 2 1/2 years we have worked together, the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes I have gone through are absolutely amazing. You have helped me to evolve into someone that actually looks forward to getting up every morning to continue my journey on to a happy, fulfilling, and fun filled life. I can’t thank you enough.


I lived on vicadin and muscle relaxers for the semi constant migraines I suffered with. It wasn't instant, but over the sessions my anxiety levels, and frequency of migraines went lower and lower to where I realized I haven't taken any meds for about 7 weeks. This is the first time in over 20 years that this has happened for me.

Jessica D.

The very first session I became deeply relaxed, and at peace. I could hardly wait to see if it "lasted". Well, a first it didn't. In fact, some of the pain came back with a vengeance. But I hung in there, and within a few weeks, I was sleeping better. My husband noticed I was doing things around the house, and that my mood was better (whew for him!).

Kathy W.

My counselor referred me to Laura for anxiety. I was also struggling with my self-image, insomnia, and depression. I left the very first session totally surprised at how deeply relaxed I became. I’d never felt like that before. Over the next several weeks I found I was sleeping much better, the depression bouts were not as severe, and my anxiety levels were down. My husband even noticed the improvement in my outlook. Life looks a whole lot better these days.

Jen M.

I was so stressed out that I quit that job, no notice, work still not done. I’ve never done that before, but I couldn’t take the stress. So I’m relaxing for a few days and hope something else turns up. What was amazing to me was that this entailed a huge amount of stress over the weekend, deciding to do this, then actually doing it. I expected somewhat of a fibro flareup, but there was just nothing! Not a hint! A couple of hot flashes that didn’t last long, and that was it. I just can’t believe how much my body has changed since I started seeing you.

I. H.

When I first started coming to Laura I had PTSD so badly I would get lost from my therapist's office to her's just a few blocks away. I would be driving down the road and suddenly have absolutely no idea where I was, or where I was going. I could barely sleep at night, could not hold down a job, was pretty depressed, and was taking a lot of medications. The first session I feel into a deep, deep sleep unlike any regular sleep. While I was out it was like I was being rearranged inside. Gradually over the weeks, the anxiety, sleep issues and depression all began lifting. I'm now off all the anxiety and depression drugs. It feels so much better being alive.

Neil M.

I was going through a divorce. At my therapist's urging, I went to find out what "energy work" was and what it could do for me. Turned out it wasn't as weird as I'd imagined. It was super relaxing, like so relaxing you sorta don't know where you are, in a blissful sort of way. I was made to feel at ease right away; Laura has been so supportive and understanding, offering insights here and there that really helped. But it wasn't just "relaxing". Over the weeks, I was sleeping better, that noticed I gradually felt better and better inside. The depression has lifted, I can think more clearly, and I feel way better about myself. I can't thank you enough!

Jenny McQ.