What to expect:

Remote reiki sessions are 60 – 90 minutes.

Call or text (541) 525-4033 to schedule your appointment.

These sessions can be profoundly relaxing. A sense of inner peace and tranquility frequently follow for hours, or even days after the session.

Continued sessions can bring about physical healing, emotional and mental balance. Increasing quality of life become more and more part of the recipient’s life experience. Discover what healing can mean for you! 



Can’t Come In?? Reserve a Remote Reiki Healing Session!

During times when you cannot come for an in-person session you have the option of having Laura send you a remote healing session. Remote, or distance healing is taught in Reiki training, and comes in as a very handy tool in these times of social distancing.


Here’s how it looks: Give her an idea of what your concerns are when you set your appointment time. Laura will call you and you’ll talk, either via video-chat or voice to voice, whatever is available.

“I include Bowenwork and/or Reiki in each session, according to your needs and concerns. Sessions are generally 60 – 90 minutes total, depending on how long we talk, and how complex your concerns are. I will call you, we’ll talk in more detail, and then hang up. You’ll (hopefully be able to) lay down in a quiet, uninterrupted space. I will work remotely, usually for about 30 – 60 minutes and then I’ll call you and we’ll review your session together.”

Please note: the system will only allow you to make an appointment if the time needed for your session is available.

You can count on this:

A Sanctuary For Healing is dedicated to the elimination of unresolved pain or dysfunction, using methods known to address the physical and emotional effects of long-term or mounting stress, and/or trauma. We operate from the premise that healthcare be provided in a manner and environment that is nurturing, affordable, and above all, effects a lasting improvement so you feel good again.

The sooner you feel good again, the better I look. You can count on me to be totally committed to you healing as soon, and as completely as possible.