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K. Vendley injured his lower back in a car accident and had to take a break from training for a marathon. Bowenwork gave his body the boost it needed to heal quickly: he's back to running again quickly, his post-workout recovery periods are shorter, and he started running faster!

"A car accident injured my low back. Being a competitive masters runner, I was thrilled to be able to continue to train shortly after the injury. In fact, I found my body was recovering more quickly from my normal workouts. I started racing again; to my amazement, I set 8 personal records in a row in distances ranging from 1 mile to the marathons. There is no question in my mind that Bowenwork gave my body the boost it needed to perform at this level, and turned a potentially negative situation into a huge positive for me!"

K. Vendley

S. Booth was dealing with pain all over her body and had fallen into a depression after her husband passed away. Thanks to Laura's healing ways she is feeling much better both physically and emotionally!

My husband died last year. I was referred to Laura by my therapist. I was pretty doubtful that she could do anything for me. I was deeply depressed, and had several other problems including neck and low back problems, a knee issue and shoulder pain. As you might imagine, I am really, really glad to have all the body pain gone. More importantly, Laura's healing ways soothed and healed my broken, terrified heart. I can't recommend her enough!

S. Booth

Deb's fibromyalgia paint was so severe she couldn't even be caressed lightly. Her very first Bowenwork treatment left her pain free for 3 days. Every treatment left her feeling better for longer and longer. After suffering for 17 years with horrible fibromyalgia pain she was able to hug her husband again. Now she's able to go out with friends, hug her grandchildren, and feel good again. She is living life pain free and enjoying every moment!

I've suffered horribly from fibromyalgia - over 17 years!  Touching me even lightly caused great pain.  After the 1st bowen treatment I was pain free for 3 days! 2nd treatment 5 days and my family and friends noticed a wonderfully big difference in me.  After the third treatment my husband was able to hug me for the first time in many years - without it hurting.  You don't realize how much pain fibromyalgia causes as you become consumed with the pain.  I took a chance and tried Bowen Therapy with Ann and my life has been changed dramatically.  My life is great, I can go out and enjoy time with my girlfriends and family. I am smiling, happy and am myself again.  I have been able to return to my business  part time which is great.

I missed out on a lot of things especially the hugs from and to my grandchildren, with Bowen I can now enjoy my grandchildren and their activities.  i can sleep through the night again without pain after years of lack of sleep.  I can take walks again where I couldn't before, I can do normal daily routines again. I'm pain free and enjoying life to the fullest.

Deb Hunter

C.T. was in severe pain every time they walked anywhere and had to use a cane. Now they barely use their cane at all and their pain is virtually non-existent!

I had bursitis in my left hip. I had to use a cane. After the very first treatment I was walking with less pain. By the second one I didn't need the cane anymore except when I would over-do it, which was sorta easy to do, because I was feeling better. I saw Laura a total of 6 times. I have not picked my cane up in over 3 months so far.


Janis had chronic pain leftover from 3 whiplash and lower back injuries she suffered over three years. Bowenwork therapy eliminated all of her lower back problems after the chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists she visited couldn't help her.

I was in three accidents in 3 years. I had whiplash and low back injuries. I saw lots of therapists during those 3 years - chiropractors, massage, physical therapy. I had several "left overs" form those accidents. Bowenwork took me over the top in my healing. The "leftovers" are gone!

Janis J.

T. Bascier was skeptical about Bowenwork at first, but he stuck with his therapy and was amazed at the results. Now his lower back doesn't hurt when he plays golf. And an even better side-effect? His hips have a greater range of movement and now his golf swing is better than ever.

I'm in my 70's. I came to Laura for low back trouble that always flared up playing golf. She did her Bowen thing. At first I was not impressed, but over the weeks I slowly could see real change happening. My swing was getting better because I had better range, which meant I wasn't torking my back while playing. Gotta love it. Thanks Laura!

T. Bascier

J. Kirkelson was pain free from a fall after only 2 sessions!

I was taking the trash out one dark night, and didn't see a small pile of pipes, which I slipped on. I came crashing down on my back and right hip. The very first session dropped the pain to almost nothing! two more and I was back to my normal self. Thank you!

J. Kirklesen

Jenny was skeptical about energy work, but found it not only relaxing but very restorative: she got better sleep, her depression lifted, and now she feels much better about herself.

I was going through a divorce. At my therapist's urging, I went to find out what "energy work" was and what it could do for me. Turned out it wasn't as weird as I'd imagined. It was super relaxing, like so relaxing you sorta don't know where you are, in a blissful sort of way. I was made to feel at ease right away; Laura has been so supportive and understanding, offering insights here and there that really helped. But it wasn't just "relaxing". Over the weeks, I was sleeping better, that noticed I gradually felt better and better inside. The depression has lifted, I can think more clearly, and I feel way better about myself. I can't thank you enough!

Jenny McQ.

A. Sandal's life revolved around chronic muscular pain. She feels so much better after some relaxing sessions at A Sanctuary For Healing that sometimes she completely forgets she even has fibromyalgia!

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and tried lots of things. Everything in my life had to be managed around my fibro pain. My therapist suggested I might benefit from some sessions, and referred me to Laura Magpali. For me the relaxation is so deep. I rest in a way I never do at home. What I can tell you is my fibro symptoms are so much less intense, and so much less frequent that I often forget I have it.  Oh, and I come in monthly now.

A. Sandal

Bowen work helped transform chronic low energy & depression to a stable, comfortable lifestyle.

My life was dominated by bouts of pain that kept my mood low, my energy low, my life... well, it was a mess. I've lost two jobs because the pain I was suffering. My home life was a mess (literally) because I had not energy or inspiration to do anything. My doctor recommended I get some Bowenwork, which really helped a ton.

Laura started performing and teaching Bowen therapy after  it was able to heal her chronic pain in her shoulders.

I developed torn rotator cups in both shoulders during my busy practice.  For several years I was going for all the usual treatments 2-3 times a week just to keep pain at bay, with no real solution to the issues. The handwriting was on the wall. I was watching my much loved career literally slipping out of my hands. That is, until Bowenwork got to the core cause, which was a twisted pelvis from a car accident I'd been in as a 6 year old. The results I got from Bowenwork is why I do it now. It made ALL the difference between getting by and getting healed.

Laura Magpali LMT

Justin had to miss work because his migraines were so bad. His job and his health were in decline. But thanks to Bowen, his migraines don't happen nearly as often and don't hurt as bad when they do flare up.

I used to have migraines several times a week, sometimes so intensely that I'd have to miss work. From the very 1st session I began having them less often, and not as severe. Whenever I would go in having head pain, she always took the pain away.

Justin K.

Petrina was astonished when she had a session for a broken nose and her headache was gone immediately... she was used to suffering with headaches and swelling for months.

I have broken my nose several times, so I know from experience how long it takes for things to get back to normal. The headache usually lasts about 2 weeks, the swelling for a month or two, and the facial tenderness can last even longer.

The headache was gone when I left your office Friday. By the next day all the pain in my face was gone, except if I touched it, or forgot and rubbed my nose. Astonishing!

Petrina U.

Kathy really loved her sessions, but the pain would flare back up. But with each follow-up appointment she felt a little better, and now she sleeps better, feels better, and has plenty of energy.

The very first session I became deeply relaxed, and at peace. I could hardly wait to see if it "lasted". Well, a first it didn't. In fact, some of the pain came back with a vengeance. But I hung in there, and within a few weeks, I was sleeping better. My husband noticed I was doing things around the house, and that my mood was better (whew for him!).

Kathy W.

John was suffering with chronic shoulder pain from sports injuries for ten years. Thanks to Bowen he can play ball with his son without any pain at all!

First time in ten years that I did not have hard pain in my right shoulder throwing for the first time of the season. Bowen is the only thing different than other years. I love to play ball with my sons but had done it sparingly for the last five years.

Thanks for no pain!

John R Knox

Jessica was reliant on pills to manager chronic migraines. Thanks to Bowen she doesn't need medication anymore and she is living almost migraine free!

I lived on vicadin and muscle relaxers for the semi constant migraines I suffered with. It wasn't instant, but over the sessions my anxiety levels, and frequency of migraines went lower and lower to where I realized I haven't taken any meds for about 7 weeks. This is the first time in over 20 years that this has happened for me.

Jessica D.

Neil's PTSD was so bad he could barely leave the house without having an attack. Now his depression has lifted, he sleeps better at night, he's off of prescription medication, and he feels great!

When I first started coming to Laura I had PTSD so badly I would get lost from my therapist's office to her's just a few blocks away. I would be driving down the road and suddenly have absolutely no idea where I was, or where I was going. I could barely sleep at night, could not hold down a job, was pretty depressed, and was taking a lot of medications.

The first session I feel into a deep, deep sleep unlike any regular sleep. While I was out it was like I was being rearranged inside. Gradually over the weeks, the anxiety, sleep issues and depression all began lifting. I'm now off all the anxiety and depression drugs. It feels so much better being alive.

Neil M.

I.H. feels better than ever. Now they are able to cope with their negative emotions with ease thanks to Reiki therapy.

I feel better in every way possible, and a sense that old memories/emotions are being lifted off and gotten rid of. I have felt emotional off and on today (and last night) for brief periods, in the sense of these old, old things coming to mind uninvited, and the emotions surrounding them. Not re-experiencing, but more like bubbling up and then out — like occasional big deep belches.


L. Hamilton couldn't identify her issue, but Laura was able to help her relax and get to the root cause of her discomfort. Now she has met a new partner and is feeling great!

I came to Laura with nothing specific.  She seemed to know just what I needed, though.  I felt completely relaxed on her table.  Obstacles in my life/patterns fell away, and before I knew it, my Mr. Right had arrived!  On top of all that, just being around Laura makes you feel better.  She is truly a blessing to our world!

L. Hamilton

Pamela had 50 years of bad posture that lead to headaches and discomfort. Now she stands tall and feels more confident. Best of all: her headaches are gone.

I can hardly wait to go back to see Laura.  My headaches are gone, my posture has straightened up and I carry myself taller, and more stately. After 50 some years of having poor posture, that is amazing to me.  I love the difference and can't wait to see what is next!


Andrew's had pain every time he sat down even though he was seeing a chiropractor and physical therapist regularly. Thanks to Laura's Bowen technique he's been pain free for a full year!

I had pain running down the back of my leg that got worse and worse when I would sit for very long, a real challenge because of my job. Chiropractic and physical therapy didn't seem to keep the problem gone. And it seemed it was gradually getting worse.

The first time I came in I noticed on my way out the door that the pain I was in was down by about half. Yeah!

The next few days I felt a lot of shifts happening. With a few more sessions the pain was completely gone, and hasn't returned now for over a year.

Andrew L.

M.E. had a jaw pain so severe they couldn't eat. Even surgery didn't help! They were dropping weight rapidly, until their Bowen session allowed them to eat normally again.

I don't know what happened, but one day I just woke up to find I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to eat. This went on for several months, and I lost a lot of weight.  I had surgery on my jaw, which didn't help a bit. After a few Bowenwork sessions I was able to actually eat a hamburger.


Jen struggled with insomnia, low self-esteem, and depression. After her very first session she was feeling relaxed, and after continuing therapy for a few weeks her insomnia has dissolved and her depression is significantly better.

My counselor referred me to Laura for anxiety. I was also struggling with my self-image, insomnia, and depression.

I left the very first session totally surprised at how deeply relaxed I became. I’d never felt like that before. Over the next several weeks I found I was sleeping much better, the depression bouts were not as severe, and my anxiety levels were down. My husband even noticed the improvement in my outlook. Life looks a whole lot better these days.

Jen M.

P. used to be in physical, emotional, and spiritual turmoil. After working closely with Laura they have become a person who enjoys life and looks forward to waking up every morning.

In the 2 1/2 years we have worked together, the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes I have gone through are absolutely amazing. You have helped me to evolve into someone that actually looks forward to getting up every morning to continue my journey on to a happy, fulfilling, and fun filled life. I can’t thank you enough.


M. Hawkins had such terrible tennis elbow she was afraid she would have to quit her job. But thanks to Bowen she not only feels no more pain, she also sleeps better and feels more rested every day.

I was having serious pain with tennis elbow and was greatly concerned about being able to continue in my career. Since my Bowen treatments with Laura, I no longer experience the pain that was once so overpowering! I am no longer concerned about having to seek new employment and feel that physically I am as good as ever! Additionally, I have noticed a more overall rested feeling and am sleeping better since my treatments. I cannot thank you enough Laura, for all you have done for me!

M. Hawkins