Your session begins with an assessment and finding out what the primary goal(s) are for your session, adapting each session to meet whatever your current needs are. Clients notice they feel less congested, less compressed, and find they really do feel good again.

Do you want to feel lighter, encouraged, and ready and able to go back to life? Sessions with Laura create a therapeutic shift within that allows one to see options not recognized before, supporting better choices, ultimately making a happier life. We call it "opening windows of opportunity".

What we see are lots, and lots of people who come in tangled up in one way or another with the stuff of life, emerge having a sense of solidity, peace, confidence, and healing they had thought was unattainable. Hope and Joy return!

"I love coming here - it's so relaxing just being here." Kelly M.

"I feel like I just came back from vacation in Hawaii!" Dottie Lou H.

"Thank you, Laura for the profound changes I have been able to make in my life,thanks to your work." J. Congdon.